An Accessible Wellbeing Scale for adults with intellectual disabilities

CHPR are working with Purple Patch Arts to design and validate an accessible scale to measure wellbeing for adults with intellectuals disabilities.

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In order to make comparisons across services and programmes, many commissioners favor using standardised tools to evaluate services. However, this approach is inappropriate if the measures used have not been designed and validated for diverse populations.

Adults with intellectual disabilities are one group for whom standardised measures may not be appropriate.

CHPR are collaborating with Purple Patch Arts to design a tool that can be used in community settings to measure the wellbeing of adults with intellectual disabilities. We are doing a review of existing wellbeing measures, adapting one to be more accessible, and testing whether it works to measure wellbeing.

The work is being funded by North Yorkshire County Council and carried out by Kris Southby and Alys Griffiths (our friend from the Centre for Dementia Research).